As a corollary to fulfil its Mission, the Institution aspires having its Employees acknowledged by the Customers and the Market as the best team of professionals in financial products and services aimed at the Middle Market.

Corporate Values

The successful accomplishment of the Mission depends on a set of values and behaviours which are part of the Institution ideals, among which highlighting:

Respect for Employees

All Employees deserve and will have ensured the respect and courtesy. The Institution will enhance the diversity of their origins or profiles, which represent for it an instrument of enrichment, and will ensure conditions and environment that promote the fulfilment of their personal and professional goals.

Compliance with the Institution Standards

The performance of all Employees will be rigorously guided by
the rules and recommendations of the Institution, which comprise its internal control environment, inspired by the legal structure of the Regulatory Authority.

Performance Recognition

Outstanding contributions, whether brought by employees or teams are critical factors for the success of the Institution. Such contributions will be, in any level of the organization, appreciated and recognized.

Encouraging teamwork

The achievement of the Institution Mission and goals is beyond the reach of the work of a single person, but it requires the coordinated contribution of all, in an honest, transparent and challenging collaboration environment.

Promoting Transparency

Both the fairness of the purposes and processes as the paths taken by the Institution should be visible and understood by all, Employees, Customers, Shareholders, Market and Community.

Emphasis on Integrity of the actions

The Company reaffirms its determination to be and be perceived as conducting business to meet the highest standards of integrity and which are, in its content and its processing, of unquestionable probity.
Incentives for active inclusion in the financial environment The representatives of the Institution in its various segments will be stimulated to participate dynamically and constantly in the corporate and class entities, offering them whenever possible their contribution. From this interaction improvements of common interest to
all parties shall be born.

Social Responsibility to the Community

Offer Services that enable the customer’s business growth.