-Working Capital

GlobalBric has competitive alternatives of credit directed to meet the daily needs of the companies' cash. Operations are in short and medium term, with pre or post-fixed interests, with agility in the approval, and the expertise of a knowledgeable service team.

Guaranteed account
Relying on pre-approved credit GlobalBric is a guarantee, when it comes to meeting the emergency demands of the cash flow of your business.
The maximum revolving credit of the Guaranteed Account, besides the speed and agility in the release of funds as a competitive advantage, has the transparency of the GlobalBric operations.

Discount of Receivables

At GlobalBric, your receivables can mean cash, quickly and without bureaucracy. Checks, bills and promissory notes maturing future may have, at GlobalBric, their advanced receipt in order to facilitate the management of your company's cash flow.

Safe Deal
The Safe Deal system, promoted by GlobalBric is a pioneer in assistance to small and medium business and unique in the industry for franchising companies, whether existing or in the planning stages.
The system goal is to promote greater security to the entrepreneur, allowing him to do his analysis, and investment, ensuring 71% of invested capital.

Safe Franchise Deal
Franchising is a type of business in full expansion and with reduced risk since it was already partly absorbed by the franchisor.
Global BRIC ensures 71% of capital to be invested, for business done between franchising enterprises approved in the system and customer approved by these institutions and by Global BRIC.

How It Works:

The entrepreneur finds a franchising company and checks whether it is registered at GlobalBric.
If the company is approved and the entrepreneur is approved by it, the second step will be the
entrepreneur registration in the register on Global BRIC.
With the approval in the GlobalBric, the entrepreneur can make the payment of the
fee + service, accept the online contract terms, print and send the contract to the provided address.
Within 3 days after credits release the amount is transferred to the franchisor selected.